Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Bible Learning Centers
       by The Garrett House

The Garrett House is a non-profit ministry promoting teaching the Bible to children, particularly through the means of Bible Learning Centers. The materials we provide are protected by copyright and may not be SOLD or reproduced for sale by any organization, group or individual. Our materials may be reproduced for use in the classroom or the home. Downloadable files may be obtained by sending a request through our Contact Us page. We hope the materials and ideas we offer will be beneficial to you and the children you teach.

Robert & Bettye Garrett, who own and maintain this website, are active members of the Rolling Hills Church of Christ in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. You may contact us using the contact us form on this website. References may be obtained by contacting the elders or minister (Dan Murphy) at the Rolling Hills Church of Christ in Mt. Sterling.

In the mid-nineteen seventies many congregations of the churches of Christ participated in an evangelistic program commonly referred to as the "Joy Bus" ministry. At about that same time many Bible school teaches were also beginning to use the learning center concept in their classrooms. The materials provided through thegarretthouse.org grew from those ministries.

Bettye Garrett developed a Bible Learning Center program called "The Bible By Levels" in response to a need to effectively teach "un-churched" children in the same classroom with longtime Bible students. Many of the Bible Learning Centers which were set up in the 1970s and 1980 are still in use today in congregations all over America.

Cyndi Murphy and Pamela Hinds are daughters of Robert and Bettye Garrett. They have contributed many hours to preparing this material as well as teaching with Bible Learning Centers for several year.  Pamela was actually in the first learning center class (1974) developed by Bettye as referred to in the previous paragraph.