Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Bible Learning Centers
       by The Garrett House

Learning Center Work Stations

Stations are the tools used to teach and reinforce the Bible lessons presented by the teacher. Each station should have worksheets and/or manipulatives for every lesson taught. These do not replace the teacher but enhance the learning process. Pictured below are 4 examples of learning center stations. The worksheets for these stations and 11 other stations are now available for Old Testament Levels 1-18. If the links do not work for some reason, you may use the "Contact Us" form to request a dropbox link for worksheets. The 18 levels covers Old Testament lessons from Creation through Between the Testaments. The links allow you to download the materials. These pictures are just showing 4 station samples. We have work materials for 10 different stations.






Bible Times

Quiz Master

Bible Wizard

Click on Link to Download Station Materials

Levels 1-4 

Levels 5-8

Levels 9-12

Levels 13-15

Levels 16-18

Tests 1-18